AA Recruiting we believe it really is all about you.  AA Recruiting provides well-screened top candidates on a temporary, contract, or direct-hire basis. Our staff is trained in niche head hunting to assist you in locating rare professionals already working in your industry. This allows your new staff member to hit the ground running with little or no training time needed from your internal employees. We realize that downtime for a new employee who needs training costs you time and money; we want to help your organization in every way possible to reduce costs and increase productivity. We work closely with a national network of recruiters that are highly knowledgeable in the industries they serve.


We will take the hassles out of advertising, screening, and recruiting. We will allow you to focus on your core business. We are here to make things easier for you!


AA Recruiting will work closely with you to successfully fulfill your specific job requirements.

At the beginning of each search assignment, we work with you to gain a clear understanding of the knowledge, skills abilities, experience and traits you require. It is this valuable information that we will rely on as we research potential candidates. Our candidate sources include an extensive referral network that is continually growing. This network allows us to locate highly desirable candidates not currently on the job market.

Once we identify highly qualified candidates, we screen them, evaluate their credentials and investigate their references. Only those candidates who survive our rigorous screening process will be referred to you for consideration.

All our work is done confidentially. This eliminates the need to divulge your identity to candidates, and saves you potential internal or external speculation.

Our service charges are based upon our ability to locate and successfully refer qualified candidates.

We welcome the challenge, opportunity and responsibility of locating the right candidate for you.

Job Seekers:

If your looking to make a move and would like to be added to our database simply send us your CV or Resume and we will schedule a brief interview.


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